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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Started out at work, even though it was Saturday. I spent the morning in my office and half of the afternoon too. Then I got home to see the last 10 minutes of my team's game that ended their 13 game winning streak. Super day... absolutely fantastic. So I decided we needed to do something fun and get out of the house. I talked the hubs into shopping, because I agreed to shop for a flat screen tv. We've been planning to buy one on Black Friday so we figured we would go out and see some of the models that he's been researching online.

Well we walked into H.H.Gregg, debated between LCD and plasma, Sony and Samsung, tried to figure out what size would work best, etc. Then the sales guy told us about a great deal - an open box special, I talked him into cutting the price even more and knocked a couple hundred more off the price and we became the proud owners of our first giant-size, flat screen, HDTV! (Yeah I know we're a few years behind half the U.S.) For the curious, its a 52" Sony Bravia XBR9 LCD 1080p 240 hz - whatever that means.

By the time we got home, got the old tv moved, new one on the stand, cables hooked up, another trip back to the store to buy an extra HDMI cable, we decided it was time for a quick pizza and rented a movie (since HD won't be added to our cable until they open on Monday) to test out the tv. I'll cook tomorrow... for now you can have a picture of our newest addition.
(just remember its hard to take a picture in the dark of a bright tv when your husband wont turn it off)

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